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AI Course Creator:

Create a course in under one hour

✓ Generate course content in minutes
✓ Convert docs and videos into courses
✓ Boost engagement with chatbot tutors 

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Coursebox AI course creator
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Make your edits

Publish, export or sell

Build your course at lightning fast speeds

This AI Course Creator will help you design a course structure in seconds and then rapidly build your course content, so all you need to do is make edits and add any missing pieces. Publish as private or public, sell your course or export to your LMS. 

Coursebox makes online course creation fast and easy. Try our free course maker today.

Deliver mobile-friendly eLearning generated by AI

Research shows that your community spends more time on mobile, is more engaged on mobile and prefers using mobile apps. Let’s give them what they want with our free online course creator.

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Captivate your learners with engaging training courses

Build an interactive and visual course containing videos, quizzes and more. Let’s motivate your learners with exciting E-learning. Try our free course generator today.

Coursebox is the best AI Course Creator that makes it easy and fast to build your online course.
Try it for free today.

Our premium offering is an AI powered LMS (Learning Management System), revolutionizing the way educational and training content is created, managed, and delivered for seamless onboarding and engaging AI instructional design. Elevate your training programs with Coursebox's AI Onboarding, AI Assessment Tool and AI Quiz Generator, providing interactive and personalized learning experiences, while effortlessly creating and selling courses that meet modern educational needs. Coursebox is loved by customers across a range of use cases including corporate training, instructional design, learning and development and selling e-learning.

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