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AI Lesson Planner: Rapidly plan your lessons with AI

Coursebox is an AI course creation platform that produces customised lesson plans.

✓ AI writes an editable and exportable lesson plan

✓ Save time writing your lesson content manually

✓ Make lesson planning easy and get time back in your day for the important things like connecting with your students

Using a Computer

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Ask for a lesson plan

Get your lesson plan structure including assignments

Export, or turn it into an entire course & share via our app

Design your lesson plan at lightning fast speeds

This AI lesson plan generator will help you design a lesson plan in seconds. Customize your structure, make edits and add missing parts. Generate the content for each section including text, quizzes, assignment questions, marking rubrics and more. 

Deliver engaging lessons

With our AI Lesson Planner, you can spend less time on lesson planning and more time focusing on engaging and motivating learners. We offer innovative technology that makes planning lessons a breeze. Get ready to save time, streamline your workflow, and enhance your teaching practice with our AI Lesson Planner today.

Engineering Class
Online Course

Turn your lesson plan into course content

Looking to create a unique learning experience that engages your audience? Make use of our AI course creator. With our innovative software, you can transform your lesson plans into digital content that includes text, quizzes, marking rubrics, assignments and more. Best of all, you can easily share your content with learners to deliver a truly engaging online learning experience.

Coursebox is the AI Lesson Planner you have been dreaming of.

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