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AI Onboarding:
Create engaging onboarding in under one hour

✓ Generate draft onboarding content in seconds

✓ Convert documents, websites and videos into onboarding 

✓ Engage employees with quizzes, videos and practical tests

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Describe your onboarding

(optional: upload documents or websites)

AI makes your onboarding and then you can make edits

Publish and share with your employees

This AI onboarding generator will help you train your organisation efficiently and drastically improve skills and competencies for their roles. Using AI means you'll have onboarding made faster than ever and the ability to rapidly personalize the training for their specific needs. Share with your employees, automatically assign the onboarding to them through teams based learning or export to your LMS.

Deliver mobile-friendly onboarding generated by AI

With branded mobile apps available for your employees, you can onboard your new workers on the go and with the device of their choice.

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Construction Site Managers

Captivate your employees with engaging & personalized content

Build interactive and visual onboarding training containing videos, quizzes, practical assignments and more. Let’s motivate your employees with exciting E-learning.

Track and report on employee onboarding

Managers can easily monitor their team's performance and completions of onboarding. Gain insights on onboarding engagement and completions. 

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Coursebox is the AI Onboarding Generator you've been dreaming of. Sign up today.

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