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AI Teacher: Generate educational content in minutes with AI

✓ Write detailed and customised lesson plans

✓ Save time producing your educational content manually

✓ Make lesson planning easy and get time back in your day for the important things like connecting with your students


Ask for education

Get your content and make edits

Export to teach or share with your students

Build your education at lightning fast speeds

This AI teaching assistant will help you design education structures in seconds and then rapidly build your educational content, so all you need to do is make edits and add any missing pieces. Export the content or share with your students.

Coursebox makes teaching fast and easy.

AI course structure designer

Describe your educational topic, your learners and the course duration. Train AI on your existing resources including websites, videos and documents. AI generates a draft and editable course structure, learning outcomes, course title, description, assignment questions and more. Reprompt or ask AI to generate educational content for each section of your course including assignment questions and marking rubrics.

work at coffee shop

Captivate your learners with engaging & personalized content

Build interactive and visual teaching containing videos, quizzes, practical assignments and more. Let’s motivate your students with exciting E-learning. 

Coursebox is the #1 AI teacher platform. Try it for free by clicking the button to sign up.

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