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LMS for Expert Teams with Coursebox AI
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✓ Branded LXP platform & mobile app 
✓ AI closes skills gaps rapidly
✓ Reports, groups, payments & certificates

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Our Team has implemented enterprise branded LXPs for these organisations

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If you are looking for a fully branded installation of Coursebox AI, this is for you! Structure, write and produce courses in minutes using the power of artificial intelligence and then engage your students with groups, Zapier automation, certificates, a branded mobile app experience and much more!

Enterprise Learning Experience Platform

AI Courses

Powerful AI course creation

Unlimited published courses

Unlimited expert AI course creators

SCORM uploader

LTI integrations with LMSs like Canvas

Stripe integration & Commissions

Prerequisite pathways

Advanced Reporting

Questions library

Hosting, SSL & backups

Full branding control

Private Label portal

Custom theme

Public page management

Advanced Newsfeed & Newsletters​

Custom Onboarding

Menu editor

Learning Management

​Advanced controls over users

Unlimited Learners

Events & Resources

Membership sales

1-1 Messaging

Branded Coursebox LXP app

Security & Hosting

Highly scalable cloud hosing

Enterprise security

Custom API calls

SAML2 SSO options

Bespoke requests and integrations

5 hours SLA monthly

Personalized mobile-friendly training generated in minutes

Traditional learning management is inefficient for managers and unengaging for employees. Coursebox seamlessly identifies skills gaps, triggering AI to generate personalized learning content in minutes. E-learning is tailored to align precisely with the competencies and knowledge which are lacking specific to their role. AI generated training courses are based on a learner's unique background and learning preferences, ensuring a highly focused and enagaging learning experience. Engaging and personalized training just became scalable with artificial intelligence. 

Fully brand your learning platform

White label your Coursebox LXP as yours for a seamless training experience. Branded mobile apps for workers are available on both Apple and Android. Book a demo today.

Empower managers to train teams and monitor employee productivity

Effortlessly segment employees into specific training programs for standardized onboarding flows and simple oversight of employees. Track key metrics like engagement and learning progress, enabling managers to make informed decisions and optimize their teams' development and productivity. 

Sell courses or ongoing subscriptions to your training

If you're a training company or business looking to sell your training, Coursebox can help you do seamlessly. Sell courses globally with easy online transactions for learners. Grow your revenue without the headache of months spent on creating courses by using the most popular AI powered LXP. 

Don't want to switch LMS but want  AI generated e-learning?

Coursebox integrates with LMSs through our LTI and API integrations. This means you can benefit from the power of AI generated and personalized training, without the headache of switching LMS. You can also find us on Zapier to integrate with thousands of other apps. Get in touch to discuss your integration requirements.

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5-star support and training

Your dedicated customer success manager will do everything in their power to turn your entire organisation into system experts. If you ever have questions or issues we'll be on it right away with our 24/7 support.

Coursebox is the enterprise LXP powered by AI you've been dreaming of.


Darren Oemcke, Hydra Consulting

One of the best things is how easy it is to use. It's very straight-forward to set up a course, publish and share with a community of learners.

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