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Purple Net

Free Practical Generative AI Course

Take your AI skills to the next level in this practical short course.

✓ Real world hands-on training on generative AI skills

✓ Learn how to use the most popular AI tools with practical tasks

✓ Over 3 hours of content including videos

Generative AI Graphic Illustration


Travis Clapp

Travis Clapp
Edtech & AI eLearning expert

Travis has built multiple successful edtech businesses including Coursebox AI, and regularly consults to major educational institutes.

Alex Hey

Alex Hey
Marketing & generative AI expert

Alex grew Coursebox to 11,000+ course creators within 3 months without paid advertising. He regularly uses generative AI tools.

What you'll learn

How to make an AI chatbot

How to get the most out of ChatGPT

How to make high quality videos with AI

How to generate relevant high quality images with AI

How to generate realistic voiceovers with AI

Take your practical generative AI skills to the next level in this free online course. 

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